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Underwater Videos from Dives during Diving Safaris through the Maldives – Mantas, Whale Sharks …
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Scuba Videos from Maldives diving safaris

No matter what divers might say about dive safaris through the
Maldives, it is always better to check it out yourself. Watch our videos.

Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 1

Scuba diving video 512x288px

You can find Mantas everywhere on the Maldives but they are nowhere as impressive as on a diving trip through the Hanifaru at the Baa-Atoll.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 2

Scuba diving video 512x288px

A group of Japanese divers expresses their joy and astonishment while diving on their Dive safari in the Maldives.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 3

Scuba diving video 512x288px

Not only a big bunch of Mantas but also some whale sharks join this big party.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 4

Scuba diving video 512x288px

How many Manta scan you see here? 12, 24 or more? It's up to you to count them.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 5

Scuba diving video 512x288px

A whale shark is hunting plankton among a group of Mantas who also came here to fill their stomachs with the rich plankton they find here.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 6

Scuba diving video 512x288px

This Whaleshark is having his royal plankton dinner. Deep-water horizon la carte in Hanifaru in the Maldives.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 7

Scuba diving video 512x288px

This is neither a computer animation nor a clip shot through the blurry glasses of an aquarium. These are real Mantas who gather for a big dinner party.


Video Mantas of Hanifaru # 8

Scuba diving video 512x288px

Here you can watch a whale shark in the Baa-Atoll who is filtering plankton out of the water.


Whaleshark posing

Scuba diving video 512x384px

This Maldives whale shark is not at all impressed by the snorkeling divers.


And here one last souvenir picture of a whale shark

Scuba diving video 512x384px

Smile! Thank you! This nice fish does not care if this lady has free space on her SD-Card.


Enjoy your meal

Scuba diving video 512x384px

This sea turtle is looking for delicious food such as this coral. The safari divers are overjoyed to watch her doing so.


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