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Last Minute Tauchreise auf die Malediven Last Minute Tauchreise auf die Malediven Last Minute Tauchreise auf die Malediven With this unusual tour we would like to appeal to diver who have already virtually "everything seen" in the central atolls of the Maldives and want to dive with us in the next March, 2016 in the Huvadhoo atoll far situated in the south.

It is the biggest atoll of the Maldives and under water still widely uninvestigated, one can call it divers new territory. Divers can expect here an atoll with a wonderful fish wealth which offers, besides, still an excellent coral growth.

Divers make a row of interesting diving places here curiously and invite for going down. We are aimed of course in the canal mouths after great fish look out hold. We will find sharks in big number there and from the next nearness can observe, as usual nowhere on the Maldives. With some luck we can be done with Mantas and whale sharks in this amusing underwater world. Also a big number of Thilas will satisfy our curiosity and provide for change.

By seclusion of this atoll you will hardly encounter another dive boat and dive spots do not have on their own. Those seeking peace and relaxation, will always retain the expansive lagoon with many uninhabited islands and beautiful beaches in memory.

The diving safari begins on Monday 21th of March and ends on Thursday 31th of March 2016. The experienced divers Maldives know that this is the best time to take a dive safari in the Maldives The Huvadhoo Atoll reach our guests with a domestic flight to the south. Even the flight from there back to times we have organized, the already alone is an experience. If you're looking for an unforgettable diving experience in a tropical paradise , then please let us know.

Interested? Contact us under "South Tour". We will gladly send you more information and an unbeatable offer. We organize the whole trip, on request also with the international flight to the Maldives.

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