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banyan-tree-banyanbaum.jpg - 117.52 kb
The Banyan-Tree - picus bengalis - is coming across all over Maldives very often. This evergreen and from the Maldivians called Nika-Tree grows up to 100 ft and can be looked upon as an emblem for many islands. It is towerig the common shag about several feet and can be seen from far away. If the boughs of the wide spreading treetops become to heavy for the main trunk, they start building aerial roots growing towards the ground in order to pick up nutrients. In the pass of time they concatenate themselves with the ground and grow up to a strong rope. Finally these ropes will become trunks too and serve their boughs as braces. The boughs now can grow up further in horizontal direction and will build new aerial roots. With a certain age the Banyan-tree is beared by a huge bundle of trunks, what is giving it a majestic appearance.