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Scuba Videos di squali, balene, mantas, carcasse corali a immersioni delle Maldive con il Triton
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Galleria subacqueo - Videos di immersioni con il Triton

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Lista di Scuba Videos

EagleRays and Sharks

Mantas and Rays they wanted to see, - and this group of divers had been greatly remunerated for - caused by real strong streaming - a quite exhausting dive. But first there were only ;-) some riff-sharks to be seen. However, driven by their curiosty, it did not take much time until a group of Eaglerays appeared out of the dark.
At the end of this video there is a nice scene, that displays the way of locomotion of theese wunderful, majestical animals.


» eaglerays-sharks-01.avi: 10.45 mb, 384 x 288 px, 1 min 48 sec
» eaglerays-sharks-01.rm: 4.77 mb, 384 x 288 px, 1 min 48 sec


A first class diving video of a really cute and small Octopus, that allowed us to follow him for a while. Although theese animals supposed to be very shy, our diver came very close to this fellow. You can see the functioning of its respiratory organs very clear. The traction with both of its big tentacles as well as the suddenly colorshifts are exposed very clearly. This is a real macro scuba-video of a nice octopus.


» octopus-01.avi: 4.09 mb, 384 x 288 px, 41 sec
» octopus-01.rm: 1.88 mb, 384 x 288 px, 41 sec

Transfer from Hulule to Diving Ship Triton

This are some takes to give you an idea about your arrival in Male and the transfer by the divetender of our diving-cruiser. It shows you a group of divers awaiting and entering the Dhoni, as well as some scenes a board of it and the final arrival at the TRITON.
A summary of first contact with the crew and transfer for diving groups that arrived in Male airport Hulule.


» transfer-hulule-to-diving-ship.avi: 5.58 mb, 384 x 288 px, 58 sec
» transfer-hulule-to-diving-ship.rm: 2.57 mb, 384 x 288 px, 58 sec